Drafting Dimir in Gatecrash

In the first part of an ongoing series about drafting the 5 guilds of Gatecrash I am trying to decipher the secrets of Dimir.

The Instants of Gatecrash

Don't tell my you haven't been warned. Here's a list of things that can happen at instant-speed at your local Gatecrash prerelease.

How to choose your Guild for the Gatecrash Prerelease

Let's take a look at various aspects of the guilds from the upcoming Gatecrash prerelease and find out which one is the best.

RTR Draft 8

Having fun with Axebane Guardian.

RTR Draft 7

Drafting Azorius control with a light red splash.

RTR Draft 6

Bonus episode, Another draft deck from last Monday.

RTR Draft 5

Drafting durdle Izzet with Pyroconvergence.

Modern PTQ Hamburg

Modern is the current format for this PTQ season and so I decided to join the tournament in my hometown.

RTR Draft 4

Finally, a silver lining. After my last abysmal performances I wanted to stay on track and see if could draft a decent deck without surfing around.

RTR Draft 3

This event was supposed to be a sealed trial for Grand Prix London, but as we were only 8 payers we voted for going directly to single elimination draft.

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