A Game I should have lost

I recently decided giving my opponents less credit and continue playing even if I am technically dead on board. Here is a recent example.


I'm virtually dead. My opponent has Pious Evangel in play and I'm at 2 Life. I'm in fear of attacking with my Mindbreak Demon as my opponent has Gryff's Boon in his Graveyard an can turn any of his creatures into a lethal attacker next turn.

More importantly, if my opponent flips Pious Evangel, I definitely lose, as I can't block his creatures without killing them. Therefore I would die from the Evangel's trigger.

Desperately I attack with Morkrut Necropod and then it happens: My opponent blocks with all of his creatures. I arrange blockers and put Pious Evangel first. My opponent flips the evangel but I assign all of the 7 damage to it, so only the evangel dies and I survive at 1 life.

Good games.

28.04.2016 • #Limited, #Draft, #SOI