RTR Draft 7

Drafting Azorius control with a light red splash.

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P1P1 I have the choice of either Street Spasm or New Prahv Guildmage and chose the removal spells as it's more powerful and less color-intensive (at least when not overloaded). Also it keeps my options open. P1P2 I take Splatter Thug over some slightly better Azorius cards (Sunspire Griffin). P1P3 I have the choice between Voidwielder and Nivix Guildmage, which both would put me into Izzet. Once again I take the more flexible pick and opt for Voidwielder. P1P4 The Izzet cards stop coming and I can either take Azorius Justiciar or Trostani's Judgment. This time I opt for the higher variance and take the double detain creature. I then get passed two more Trostani's Judgment and when New Prahv Guildmage goes round the table (of six) I know I'm in the right colors. Azorius.

However, in P2P1 I open Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius! How could I pass that bad boy? Also I'm already inclined to splash for the Street Spasm. For the rest of the draft I pick up some more solid playables, but have to make some compromises (like picking Chromatic Lantern over Sunspire Griffin) in order to fix my manabase and make this behemoth of a deck worthwhile.

Round 1: Selesnya

Game 1 I lose the die roll and my opponent has an aggressive start (Fencing Ace, Brushstrider, Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage) while I have a New Prahv Guildmage and Stealer of Secrets. I take some hits, but draw extra cards with a flying stealer and when he misses his 4th land I manage to stabilize with the help of Voidwielder.

He then drops a Towering Indrik and the board ends in a stalemate. Weirdly he plays another spell when he reaches six mana instead of making a token with his guildmage and I draw Trostani's Judgment just in time to deal with it before he gets any value out of it. We then play draw-go for quite a while, but when I draw Street Spasm and overload it for xx=4 (yep, that's ten mana total) to wipe most of his board, I win shortly after.

Game 2 I have some early aggression, but he stabilizes soon. Once again we end up in stall, I answer his guildmage again and make some positive trades with the help of Rootborn Defenses. In the end turns are called and we end up drawing. My hand at that point was Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, Counterflux and Trostani's Judgment, so I probably would have won.


Round 2: Rakdos

Game 1 I lose the die roll and I am under early pressure from Dead Reveler, Splatter Thug and Dreg Mangler. I make some trades, stabilize and when my opponent scavenges on his Splatter Thug I have Voidwielder. He then floods horribly while I draw action.

Game 2 I'm under pressure again, stabilize with Huzar Patrol and Voidwielder. I draw Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, but slow-roll it until I reach seven mana to protect it with Dispel. He then goes for Explosive Impact on the dragon and I have the counter. Naturally, I draw a million extra cards and win shortly after.


Round 3: Izzet

Game 1 I win the die roll and my opponent accidentally draws 8 cards, I let him go to 7 again. My early assault gets stopped by Doorkeeper and Hover Barrier. An Izzet Staticaster from him destroys my Azorius Arrester and renders the Dryad Militant in my hand useless.

I counter his Inspiration as he misses his 5th land drop for quite a while, but I can't capitalize on it as I draw mostly land. He then plays Mercurial Chemister, draws 6 extra cards, develops his board and has removal for all my relevant threats.

I keep drawing land, my opponent is way ahead on board, but refuses to attack. Eventually I draw Trostani's Judgment for his Chemister and follow it with Niv-Mizzet. Once again I draw a million extra cards (I have 6 cards left in my library) and I almost have him dead. However his board is something like 10 permanents to my sole 4 and I am afraid of dying from a potential alpha strike.

I then have the choice of either playing Street Spasm or Chromatic Lantern (which would allow me to ping him dead with the dragon in 2 turns). I feel like wiping his board is the safer choice. and go for the Street Spasm (xx = 4 again), he has Dispel! He alpha strikes me and I am forced to block with Niv-Mizzet, which gets pinged by his Izzet Staticaster and Electrickery so it finally leaves the table. I lose shortly after.

Game 2 is over in about 5 minutes as he is screwed on 2 lands while I have a turn 5 Niv-Mizzet with Chromatic Lantern.

As we are going for game 3 turns are announced and we end up in a draw. I politely ask my opponent to concede. He was a beginner and was faced with a lot of decisions game 1, but had taken approximately 3/4 of the clock. First he declines, then he wants to roll a dice, but I stop him. So we draw.


Round 4: Izzet

Game 1 I lose the die roll and mulligan to 6. Strangely I have quite an aggressive one (Dryad Militant, Azorius Arrester, Stealer of Secrets, 3 land). I lay down my curve and pressure him, but my attempts are stopped by Frostburn Weird. I then draw Azorius Justiciar, followed by Ipseria's Skywatch, which force him in some unfortunate blocks and I have him dead in two turns.

Game 2 I keep an ok, but slow hand. He plays a bunch of two drops and I die from double Traitorous Instinct.

Game 3 I mulligan a no-lander and keep 6 lands. I have to trade my New Prahv Guildmage against his Gore-House Chainwalker. When I draw into Street Spasm I kill his ground guys and follow it with Niv-Mizzet, but it's too late. He has a Guttersnipe enchanted with Pursuit of Flight and I am at two. I play to my outs by attacking with everything, but don't draw Trostani's Judgment. I die to the Guttersnipe trigger of Teleportal.



The deck was after my fancy. It was a little bit on the slow side and was lacking win options, except for Niv-Mizzet. There wasn't that much synergy (except maybe Stealer of Secrets plus detain and New Prahv Gguildmage) and I had to play some fillers like Selesnya Sentry. However I had a lot of tools to counteract the strategies of my opponents and good sideboarding options.

Initially I was a bit sour about the unintentional draw in match 3, but the store I play FNM at, is not a highly competitive environment and I can still remember the time, when I restarted playing and would go to timeout without intent. So I adapt and save my shark mode for another day. After all, FNM is mostly about having a good time, right?

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