RTR Draft 5

Drafting durdle Izzet with Pyroconvergence.

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P1P1 I start with Teleportal, which is followed by P1P2 Frostburn Weird. P1P3 I take Izzet Staticaster. P1P4 I take Splatter Thug. Things get interesting at P1P5, when I have the choice between Annihilating Fire, Thrill-Kill Assassin or another Izzet Staticaster. I choose the 2nd pinger over the fire as they get much better in multiples. For the rest of the pack I take some aggressive two drops and a Pyroconvergence. When reviewing my picks I already have 7 multi-colored spells, so I think that maybe the enchantment could make it in.

P2P1 i open Skymark Roc, but take another Frostburn Weird. P2P2 I pass on New Prahv Guildmage, but P2P3 I take Arrest. Fort the rest of the pack I get no significant Izzet cards while passing sweet Azorius cards. P3P1 I take Street Spasm over Righteous Authority.

Round 1: Rakdos

Game 1 my opponent plays turn 2 Pack Rat and I have no answer. Game 2 he is mildly screwed and I overwhelm him quickly. Game 3 he has some early aggression, but I manage to trade off all guys. I play Pyroconvergence, followed by Thoughtflare and wipe his board except a lone Grim Roustabout. He plays Explosive Impact and gets me down to one life. He has multiple draws to top deck burn, but when I have Isepria's Skywatch, Goblin Electromancer and 3 goblins left from Goblin Rally I play Teleportal for exactly lethal (13 combat damage + the Pyroconvergence trigger on him).


Round 2: Selesnya

Game 1 my opponent has a slow start while I play Goblin Electromancer, into Splatter Thug, into Goblin Electromancer plus Goblin Rally. He has Marshall Law which isn't that good against a token army and when he attempts Eyes in the Skies I have Izzet Staticaster to kill all his bird token.

Game 2 is a lot more interesting: I have Goblin Electromancer enchanted with Pursuit of Flight, but he has Trostani, Selesnya's Voice, which makes it almost impossible to race. He has Knightly Valor on Sunspire Griffin, but I have double Staticaster to kill all his knight token. When he plays Keening Apparition and destroys the Pursuit of Flight on my Goblin Electromancer I lose to his flyer.

Game 3 I mulligan to 6 and keep a good hand, but miss my 3rd land drop. When he plays Centaur's Herald I find my 3rd land and immediately kill his guy with Izzet Staticaster before he can start making tokens. Afterwards we play a bit of draw-go, he makes a big ooze token, bounces my board with Cyclonic Rift, but in the end I have enough pressure and overwhelm him with the card advantage of Thoughtflare.


Round 3: Rakdos

Both games I mulligan to 6 and and never draw my 5th land for my Voidwielder while I'm getting the beats from some random fatties enchanted with Deviant Glee. He had also Pack Rat, but didn't need them as I was simply losing to myself (or my mana).


Round 4: Azorius

Both games he supreme verdicts me and I die to his flyers. I lost a bit focus that second game, by not playing around the wrath effect, but in all honesty, his deck (2 x Righteous Authority, Supreme Verdict, Mecurial Chemister, Skymark Roc) was a lot better than mine.



The deck was fine, but not perfect. If I had drawn just a little bit better in matches 3 and 4, I might have had a chance to go 3-1. But I think the the solution may not be found in how the games played out, but in my drafting behavior.

Usually I am a very reactive drafter and I am quite good at telling what colors are open to my right. After my last draft I effectively tried to avoid surfing around, which was okay, as Izzet was open from my right. The problem during Return to Ravnica has been mostly my second booster, in which you normally get rewarded if you cut a color/strategy in the first one.

However this is not the case for me and if I would have splashed white for Skymark Roc, New Prahv Guildmage and Arrest I would have had a much more powerful deck. Further investigation needed.

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