RTR Draft 4

Finally, a silver lining. After my last abysmal performances I wanted to stay on track and see if could draft a decent deck without surfing around.

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P1P1 I opened Skymark Roc and passed Auger Spree and Step Wound. P1P2 I took Azorius Arrester over Hellhole Flayer, thinking that I would want to stay in-color and possibly set up my left neighbor into Rakdos. For the rest of pack 1 I took some solid flying 3 drops and some Voidwielders, indicating and hoping that Azorius might be open. I passed on Niv Mizzet pack 2 and obviously on Vraska pack 3. Instead I would simply pick playables, trying to draft a consistent deck with a plan.

Round 1: URw

My opponent played a somewhat inconsistent UWR deck featuring a lot of auras. I bounce everything he suits up and have Arrest for his Niv Mizzet. In the fun game afterwards he beats me with Mercurial Chemister.


Round 2: UWg

My opponent had an insane deck, but stumbled upon his greedy mana base. Game 1 he beats me with Jace and Archon of Justice. Game 2 and 3 I see mostly green cards from him and I'm able to out-tempo him.


Round 3: URb

This was a thrilling match against a friend of mine. He had an aggressive Izzet deck with 3 Electromancers, Niz Mizzet and Rakdos Return. Game 1 I keep a reasonable hand (two-drop, a three-drop, a four-drop, 3 lands). I then draw 5 lands in a row and the Isperia's Skywatch I want to play to stabilize gets essence-backlashed.

Game 2 I stumble on mana and fall behind while staying on two lands. I'm almost dead, but when he has Essence Backlash again, I have Dramatic Rescue for his Lobber Crew. He's in the tank for quite a while and decides to play Cobblebrute. I bounce it with a Skymark Roc, which was on-board. All other plays he could have made would have been lethal. Hilarious!

Game 3 I don't get to play my five-drops in time and he has Auger Spree, when I try a defensive Swift Justice on my Concordia Pegasus mid-combat.


Round 3: Azorius

My opponent had a decent deck, but was an inexperienced player who refrained from double-blocking knightly-valored flyers both games.



This deck was actually good! There isn't much missing. If I wanted to go 4-0 with that deck I probably would have needed some sort of ridiculous bomb, and I'd rather have a Trostani's Judgment over one of the 6 drops. Other than that that everything was fine. Skymark Roc was insane. Knightly Valor was very good. Often I would have a 4/5 or 4/4 vigilant flyer that dominated the board because of it.

It's a card everyone said, would be tied for the best white common together with Sunspire Griffin. I have to agree and I'm going to value it much higher from now on. I think I subconsciously remembered it as being bad as I was blown out by removal in response to the enchantment in my very first Return to Ravnica experience, multiplayer draft.

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