RTR Draft 3

This event was supposed to be a sealed trial for Grand Prix London, but as we were only 8 payers we voted for going directly to single elimination draft.

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P1P1 I took Dreadbore over New Prahv Guildmage. P1P2 I took Thoughtflare over Grim Roustabout. P1P3 I took Izzet Staticaster. P1P4 I took Frostburn Weird. P1P5 I took a late Auger Spree, thinking I could end up in Izzet and splash for black removal spells. P2P1 I took Cylonic Rift followed by a P1P2 Annihilating Fire over Frostburn Weird. I ended up getting a lot of Auger Sprees and a couple of fatties to build a more control-oriented Izzet deck. As I was only splashing black, Rix Maadi Guildmage had to stay on the sidelines.

Round 1: 5-color Axebane Guardian

Game 1 I am a bit mana screwed but eventually draw out of it. My opponent has Golgari Longlegs and a Sluiceway Scorpion in the yard. I have 4 mana and my options are either Cobblebrute or Auger Spree. I chose to maximize my mana and went for Cobblebrute. Naturally my opponent chose to scavenge next turn, making his Longlegs 7/6. We then race for a couple of turns and in the end I have double Auger Spree for his two untapped creatures and I kill him with my two Cobblebrute.

Game 2 I kill his Korozda Guildmage and his Skymark Roc, but when he makes a very big ooze token with slime molding, I die.

Game 3 I mulligan to 6 and have a reasonably fast start (2 x Electromancer, 1 x 1 Rakdos Shred-Freak, 3 land). Again he has Korozda Guildmage. I cycle through my deck with Thoughflare and Viashino Racketeer. I handle his guildmage, but don't find a solution for his 8/8 Ooze he had cast from double Axebane Guardian. When Skymark Roc joins his forces I can only chump-block for two turns, hoping to find Voidwielder, Cyclonic Rift or Dreadbore, but only land shows.


Round 2: Azorius

Out of contention we play just for fun and some insignificant planeswalker points. My opponent has a solid Azorius deck featuring Supreme Verdict, but I draw Cyclonic Rift both games and simply bounce his team and swing for the win.


Round 3: Izzet

I don't remember much, but the games went long and I killed him with a flying Cobblebrute the game 1. Game 2 Izzet Staticaster did some work and killed multiple one-toughness guys. On a side note: My opponent forgot to remove a Paralyzing Grasp which was from another opponent from his deck, even cast it game 1 without notice, but I did not call a judge on him, as there was nothing at stake. Hilarious!



I love Thoughtflare too much. The deck was fun, but somewhat clunky. It is very likely that I should have just stayed in straight Rakdos instead of moving into Izzet for the Thoughtflare. In the end the guy opening both Armada Wurm and Angel of Serenity took the trophy and the byes. Too be fair, other than that he had an insane deck, featuring double Selesnya Charm and Centaur Healer. I played some fun games against him and had not a snowball's chance in hell. Congratulations!

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