GTC Draft 3

Another attempt at drafting Dimir.

Stolen Identity Simic Manipulator Call of the Nightwing

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P1P1 I had two rares in my booster: A Consuming Aberration and a foil Stolen Identity. I opted for the higher flexibility and took the cypher spell, which would leave me open to either drafting Dimir or Simic. P1P3 I windmill-slammed Simic Manipulator, which should not go this late, especially in pack 1. I took a lot of evasive blue creatures for the rest of the pack and was almost mono-blue. However when I picked a late Death's Approach (P1P11) and a late Bane Alley Broker (P1P13) I was slightly leaning towards Dimir.

My second pack was very bad as my left neighbor had probably moved into Dimir as well. Pack 3 was good again and I added multiple removal spells to my deck. However I was short on cypher spells such as Hands of Binding or Shadow Slice, which I would have been more than happy to include in my deck.


This deck was not perfect, but I managed to finish 3-1. I won against Orzhov, Simic and an insane Boros deck. My loss was against a slow Simic deck with multiple Frilled Oculus and multiple Pit Fights and a very good late game with double Sapphire Drake.

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18.02.2013 • #Limited, #Draft, #GTC