GTC Draft 2

Drawing cards and losing tempo with the Simic combine.

Fathom Mage Zameck Guildmage Urban Evolution

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I had a great start when in P1P1 I took Fathom Mage followed by a P1P2 Zameck Guildmage. In P1P3 I had the choice between Urban Evolution and Elusive Krasis and I opted for the card draw plus potential Explore. In P1P4 I took Gridlock over Skarrg Goliath, reasoning that this format appeared too fast for giant eight drops to me. Later during the pack I was faced with the decision of Aetherize or Stolen Identity. I took the combat trick instead of the clone effect, as I thought it had the bigger blowout potential.

With five premium Simic spells at my disposal I felt confident for pack 2, but I also realized that the Elusive Krasis and 2 Shamblesharks I had passed didn't wheel, indicating that there was another Simic drafter at the table of 7. Also I was a bit short on creatures, so I knew I had to prioritize them for the rest of the draft.

At P2P1 I had the choice of either splashing for Ground Assault or Shambleshark. I took the creature. P2P2 I got Experiment One, but the rest of the pack was very bad and I assumed, that I got cut from left. I added some late Ghor-Clan Rampager and Gruul Charm, when there were no picks for me.

In pack3 I got a second Fathom Mage, but not much else. During the whole draft I had not seen a single three drop (such as Drakewing Krasis, Slaughterhorn or Crocanura) after the Elusive Krasis and no Cloudkin Raptors as well. Even a Frilled Oculus would have been more than fine.

The Deck

The deck was very bad. It was painfully missing three drops or any early game. It's possible that I should have taken the Ground Assault and splashed the good Gruul cards I had. I won against decks/players that didn't pressure me and where I would draw a million extra cards. Against real decks (Boros and Gruul/Ramp) I was hopelessly lost. I went 2-2, but could have easily ended up 0-4.


This time (and possibly for the next few drafts) I will do a bit differently. Instead of giving you semi-complete game reports, I will focus more on how I estimated cards and how they performed during real-life play. I think as long as the format is as young as Gatecrash is now, this should generate a higher learning effect.

For now I'm convinced that Simic and Dimir are the worst guilds. But assuming Wizards has built another balanced limited environment similar to Return to Ravnica, I'm pretty sure that this assumption going to change in the future. See you around next time!

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