GTC Draft 1

I started my first Gatecrash draft with forcing mill. Let's see how it went.

Sage's Row Denizen Mortus Strider Corpse Blockade

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Sadly, I don't remember much, except that I first-picked Dimir Charm over Boros Charm and High Priest of Penance. I took Balustrade Spy and Death's Approach early and wheeled almost all of my mill cards expect for a pair of Mortus Strider.

Round 1: BWgu

Lazav, Dimir Mastermind Duskmantle Seer Deathpact Angel

My opponent had the most ridiculous spoiler-infested deck I have seen in a long time: Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, Deathpact Angel, Duskmantle Seer, Merciless Eviction, Crypt Ghast and 1 - 2 more I forgot. How about that?

However his deck was also very slow and he was stumbling on the right colored mana during game1, where I get to counter all his relevant spells and mill his shocking arsenal of spoiler rares. In the end, I win with damage, but I would have won with mill the turn after.

Game2 is a lot closer. I have my engine of Corpse Blockade, Mortus Strider and Sage's Row Denizen online while he does nothing. I leave open counter magic, but when he goes for Merciless Eviction he has a Psychic Strike of his own and clears my board. When he plays Deathpact Angel I have to use double Death's Approach in order to get rid of the angel and the leftover cleric. I cypher Whispering Madness on my Balustrade Spy and his library is close to empty when he plays a Duskmantle Seer. Things get very close when he adds a Crypt Ghast and continually extorts me. Finally I mill him just the turn before I would have died.

Death's Approach and Psychic Strike did some serious work here.


Round 2: GRw

Fortress Cyclops Slaughterhorn Hold the Gates

Game1 my opponent assembles an early army with Slaughterhorn, Fortress Cyclops and Hold the Gates. I take some hits, but manage to stabilize with some interesting blocks from Corpse Blockade, where I chump block his fatty and eat his other small guy with the deathtouch ability from the wall. He then builds a 6/6 Miming Slime, but I return the favor when I cast Diluvian Primordial. He then floods out and I draw action.

In game2 I mulligan to four and put up a fight, recoup some cards with Whispering Madness, but die to his overwhelming board presence when he adds Skarrg Guildmage to the table.

Unfortunately game3 goes to time and it's not clear who would have won.


Round 3: UGb

Prime Speaker Zegana Mystic Genesis Dinrova Horror

My opponent had a strong deck with double Dinrova Horror and double Prime Speaker Zegana.

In game1 I get pinged constantly by Metropolis Sprite, but my mill engine is working and I get rid of all his relevant creatures with multiple Death's Approach. When I play Diluvian Primordial (for no value) he's dead in the air shortly after.

In game2 I keep a hand with 2 Swamp on the draw, but never get my 3rd land. I die to Dinrova Horror followed by Prime Speaker Zegana.

In game3 I'm up to 3 Psychic Strike, but when he goes for Prime Speaker Zegana (drawing 5 cards) again I don't have one. I try some desperate all-in milling with Undercity Informant, but die to the card advantage of the Simic guildleader.


Round 4: Boros

Firemane Avenger Sunhome Guildmage Truefire Paladin

I have no particular strong draws both games and get crushed by his aggressive deck featuring double Firemane Avenger, Sunhome Guildmage, Truefire Paladin and Blind Obedience.



The deck was fun and very strong. It was missing more blue creatures for Sage's Row Denizen and maybe I should have taken the Mortus Striders over Wight of Precinct Six. On the other hand those guys were as huge as 10/10 in some games, easily dominating the ground and opening some profane wins with damage.

The result doesn't really represent the true strength of deck in my opinion. The control and Gruul matchup seemed strong (bloodrush doesn't interact in their favor) and easily could have ended in a winning direction. Boros on the other hand, seemed just too fast to handle.

For now I'm pretty sure, that the mill deck is not a gimmick. It's not a strategy I would force again, but if the cards are there, it seems like a legit option in the Gatecrash limited metagame.

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