GP Utrecht

Some notes from the 2000+ player team sealed event in the Netherlands.


Skarrg Guildmage Ghor-Clan Rampager Act of Treason

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We arrived at the site and directly registered for a last chance qualifier. When I first looked at my pool, I wasn't impressed. I could have build either Boros or Gruul, but decided for the latter as it's overall quality seemed better. Unfortunately I got paired against a friend of mine in round 1. Long story short: I won that trial. Most games where close, especially the semi-finals, but overall the deck was an almost perfect Gruul deck. Two byes for my team it was then.



Sage's Row Denizen Ogre Slumlord Diluvian Primordial

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We had a decent pool and build a very good Boros deck, a solid Gruul deck (splashing Aurelia's Fury) and my Dimir control deck, which was presumably the worst of the three. We quickly got our first loss against a Russian team in round 4, where both of my team mates were defeated.

The Slumlord Incident

That more or less resembles the expression on our faces.

We then played against a team from Germany, where I was playing the control mirror in the middle. It's game 1 and I have him down to zero cards in his library (thanks to Sage's Row Denizen). However my opponent controls a Duskmantle Seer and I'm at five. I windmill slam the card from top of my library and it is: Ogre Slumlord. If you heard some wild screams of agony in round 6, that must have been us. It was the only card left in my deck with a converted mana cost higher than four (of 15+ cards left).

Afterwards we win the following two death matches, but then lose against a team from Italy and are out of contention. In round 10 we concede against a team who needed the planeswalker points to make it above the 1500 threshold.

Team: 6-3, Gruul: x-2, Me: x-2, Boros: x-4


Frontline Medic Ogre Slumlord Treasury Thrull

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This deck was very good. I started 5-0, then lost against the nuts Boros (Boros Reckoner, Frontline Medic, Firemane Avenger, Angelic Skirmisher) deck. My second loss was against another Orzhov player, where I'm ahead first, but flood out both games as his more powerful late game cards take it over. I had to finish 8-1 in order to make top 4, but still got a decent amount of boosters for my 10th place.



Utrecht was fun. Playing team sealed made for a very interesting challenge. I did fairly well at Utrecht (x-4 out of 21 matches), but unfortunately we didn't do well at the main event. But that's how it is: Win as a team and lose as a team.

See you around next time.

PS: I made a table with the common pick order for my team mates. If you're still interested in drafting the format, I suggest you take a look at it at my Gatecrash Common Pick Order (spoiler: incomplete and comments in German)

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