Gatecrash winning Decklists

With almost a dozen Gatecrash drafts under my belt now I'm going to show you a successful deck I drafted for each of the five guilds.


Ogre Slumlord Treasury Thrull Merciless Eviction

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This deck was a semi-schizophrenic aggro deck (with a main deck wrath effect). It had a lot of cheap creatures and access to good removal spells. The interaction between triple Gutter Skulk and Ogre Slumlord was sweet. Aerial Maneuver and Holy Mantle were much better than I had expected. The loss was against Boros with double Madcap Skills each game, where I didn't find removal in time, so I think I can get away with including this one.


Deathcult Rogue Hands of Binding Stolen Identity

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This deck was very sweet. Not often will you get to play with five Deathcult Rogue. Hands of Binding was a very strong tempo play and acted additionally as soft removal. Stolen Identity was a veritable bomb in here, but the card that positively surprised me the most was Shadow Slice. It led to at least two wins, where I would have been dead the next turn.


Clan Defiance Aurelia's Fury Gruul Ragebeast

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This deck was the stone-cold nuts. Not only did it have access to possibly the best rare (Clan Defiance) and the best mythic (Aurelia's Fury) in the set, apparently I also was the only Gruul drafter at the table. This was more a ramp deck than a true bloodrush deck and it's possible that I should have played some of my sideboard cards (2 x Massive Raid, 1 x Gruul Charm) instead of a Ruination Wurm. The lategame with double Gruul Ragebeast was unbeatable and the double Mugging helped me get there. I will probably never get a deck this good again in Gatecrash.


Blind Obedience Firemane Avenger Rubblebelt Raiders

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I drafted this deck at a table of six in the middle of two other Boros drafters, so I was short on playables and had to play some suboptimal cards (2 x Knight of Obligation, 1 Urbis Protector, 1 Murder Investigation) for a Boros deck. Additionally I had almost no removal. But the deck could generate some sort of nut draw where Blind Obedience and Hellraiser Goblin were involved. Firemane Avenger and Rubblebelt Raiders were obviously insane with haste, but the cards that positively surprised me the most were Foundry Street Denizen (with 12 red creatures total) and Shielded Passage.


Simic Manipulator Gyre Sage Clan Defiance

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This is the deck I had in my first draft at day 2 of GP London. It might be off a card or two, as I don't have access to the deck list and left all my drafted commons in London. It looked kind of strange and I had to fight hard against my first two opponents in order to win the draft. Opening Clan Defiance in pack 2 certainly helped, but the combination of Simic Manipulator and Simic Fluxmage was simply the best. AEtherize and Gridlock made strong tempo plays. Gyre Sage would let me play two two-drops at least once on turn 3. The card that over-performed the most was Leyline Phantom, providing a steady stream of evolve counters on my creatures.


There you have it. A successful deck for each of the new five guilds of Gatecrash. I think that not all of them are a good representation of a prototypical deck for their guild, but for now they should suffice as proof that you can draft a good, competitive deck in each guild. Have fun drafting!

14.02.2013 • #Limited, #Draft, #GTC