MTG PT Results

I'm now a collaborator at MTG PT Results

A Game I should have lost

I recently decided giving my opponents less credit and continue playing even if I am technically dead on board. Here is a recent example.

GP Utrecht

Some notes from the 2000+ player team sealed event in the Netherlands.

Gatecrash Team Sealed Challenge

I got money to burn and I'm going to burn it with you. I opened 12 Gatecrash boosters in order to practice team sealed deck building for the upcoming Grand Prix Utrecht.

GTC Draft 3

Another attempt at drafting Dimir.

GTC Release Event 1

Playing a Gatecrash Sealed Event on Magic Online.

Gatecrash winning Decklists

With almost a dozen Gatecrash drafts under my belt now I'm going to show you a successful deck I drafted for each of the five guilds.

GP London, 134th

A short recap of my performance at the biggest UK Grand Prix ever, featuring sealed deck, double draft and hilarious side notes.

GTC Draft 2

Drawing cards and losing tempo with the Simic combine.

GTC Draft 1

I started my first Gatecrash draft with forcing mill. Let's see how it went.

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